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New Work

Tea and Small Bones: This body of work is an ecological exploration centered on themes of biology and topography, using words (poems), sound, video, and still images. It is a simultaneous excavation and mapping. It is a search for coordinates, a reclamation of landscapes, and a resurfacing of natural forms.

RxEgoGo in Retrospective

RxEgoGo was shown in the “Walking Backwards Into the Future” retrospective exhibition for the UpStage venue in December, 2012.

Long Poem in Ping Pong

“The Secret Life of Twigs” is out in this issue of┬áPing Pong.

Poems in Handsome

Three poems from Tea and Small Bones in this issue of Handsome.

Poems in Shearsman

Four poems from Tea and Small Bones in Shearsman.