New Work

Tea and Small Bones:

This body of work is an ecological exploration centered on themes of biology and topography, using words (poems), sound, video, and still images. It is a simultaneous excavation and mapping. It is a search for coordinates, a reclamation of landscapes, and a resurfacing of natural forms.

This body of work includes:

  • Tea and Small Bones, a book-length collection of poems.
  • Digital image series.
  • Video/Cine Poems.


Echo and Atmosphere:

Page-oriented poetry/visual work. ┬áThis project-in-progress incorporates poetry, visual poetry, and erasure. In this project, the processes of creation– making new/building up, tearing down or away, and mingling the in-between — mirror the tension and transience within the work: between earth and sky, elevation and depth, presence and absence, palpable and vague, a small boy and an untethered mother.